Why Hatha yoga?

Fiona Yoga practises Hatha which is considered a gentle yoga that focuses on static poses and is great for beginners. Locations: Uplowman Village Hall, Snap Fitness, Blundell’s Prep School Dance Studio, Sampford Peverell Village Hall, Zoom

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Time to think more clearly

Flexibility & strength

Body, Soul and mind

People often assume Yoga is only for gurus or stick insects in lycra. Nonsense. It is for everyone: old and young, short and tall, flexible dancer or human ironing board!

The word Yoga means ‘union’ – a joining of the physical, mental and spiritual elements of life. Yoga poses – or asanas as they are called in Sanskrit – were developed in India centuries ago and are not just physical stretches. Performed correctly with breathing, they also tone the internal organs, stimulating the body to function efficiently and promoting both stability and serenity.

Stamina and balance

For everyone

Yoga is designed to involve the whole body and encourage the unity of the body, soul and mind. As well as enhancing flexibility and promoting strength, stamina and balance, it helps the individual to relax, think more clearly and be less distracted.

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